Elijah means Jah is God (Jehovah is God) and some say Jehovah is MY God. He fled for his life because the king was married to pagan Jezebel who wanted Elijah dead for condemning Baal worship. When chased to the mountain he faced his Armageddon by armies surrounding him attempting to get him to come down by calling him Man of God. But when he said if I am a Man of God then let fire come down to devour you, it then did happen.
     Many things happen because God guides them to. The only fate is the end-result of paths that people put themselves on, or let God put them on one. Not all are guided by God. And many times we fall into guidance by Satan.
     I have a promise to keep as a debt. Though a debt to God I no longer care if I keep (I wish I were dead as much now as I did then at 26, and I am attacked equally asmuch now as then), I admit I owe the debt. That I do not stand against the bride of Jesus, and would do all to get her to her destined path beside him. The result was a revelation that made me realize she is the Lamb. Born with legal British license about June 1 of 1914 AD on the Mayan new year tun, 20 days after Noah's 360-day new year 4945, (Adams 6001 AM in 360-day calendar from 2370bc as 1656 AM.) That Revelation to me was in February of 1983 on the day my mother was assigned a ministry school part about Daniel's numbers.

What Is Armageddon
Har-Megiddo means Mound of Megiddo where paths to nations cross and so armies met and decided who ruled. However, in Revelation it is used to include the kingdom of God taking victory over all other nations. As such the nations are surrounded by God's armies which means they are surrounded by the natural disasters that God destroys all who don't listen to warning. This means if you ever have promiscuous sex that the end-result might be then HIV, not struck by lightning. The Cause and Effect that God Jehovah is, and proves himself as, is relative to truth, not lies. However, perhaps lighning could strike you for sex if you dared to say in actions that decades of sex never gave you syphillis and so now you wish to dare walk into a lightning storm or a tornado because that too will not hurt you. The concept being that families, men, wives, daughters, and sons in Sodom allowed the gay sex to the extent that they said what warning from a homophobic like Lot could possibly be true. They laughed off the warning based on the messengers morals. In this way then, yes, an unrelated result may seem to connect.
     So too then every has an Armageddon. We are all surrounded somewhere by groups of people or circumstances (the world) that can kill us. Every one now dead for 6000 years faced an Armageddon. Abel was surrounded by the vegeance of Cain who hated that Abel's end-result to his sacrifice proved to all witnesses that Abel understood fire. So in that case the innocent Abel like Jesus was surrounded by armies and killed. Jesus (like a temple) was surrounded by armies to destroy his temple that God could raise up in 3 days. In this way your own Armageddon comes if you die a year before mases die in a global Armageddon. Are you dying (inside), your life, your path, your happiness, by the wickedness of others? Or if disease is what you die from due to your own behavior, have you yet to learn the lesson of Armageddon. Can you appreciate your life being saved?
     God Jehovah has had his Son select a bride. And he is done. And they have children, us on earth who they will save thru a global destruction. This site proves that a global Flood again does not break God's promises, just as he did not break his promise for a 1000-year kingdom when Babylon destroyed it, nor when Romans destroyed it. His plan always has alternatives. Never say ha-ha God we have free-will and alternatives, and you do not; you must obey your promises. Mordecai as guardian said to Esther, "Jehovah has placed you as Queen, so now if you do not go into the house of the king, then you and your house will die, and Jehovah will find another to save us."
     I am Elijah. I say to the world about Esther the bride, "See the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world" because I know she will be slaughtered. And she must see this hour now, because like Jesus, she cannot say, Well I didn't die in 32 AD and so maybe I can be the Lamb in 34 AD. No reason it has to be this year in 33 AD."

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